About Us

Poetry is Me is both a TV show and a multi-media video driven website that captures stories of people, policy and God. It then reflect these dynamic through poetry that William writes for that specific experience.

Debuting on The Now Network on January 1, 2017 at 6:30PM EST, Poetry is me will take an authentic and fearless look inside the lives of people, policy and God. William will traverse beyond the safe surface of superficiality to uncover what really makes us thrive or dive. With an unapologetic inclusion of God, he implores people to share their faith and seeks to resolve how faith plays a profound element in either making them or even how it’s made life difficult for them.

Poetry is Me is not about looking at the lives of those entrapped into religion. It’s pattern is similar to that of Jesus who ate with sinners, was embedded within the culture, had dinner with tax collectors and defended adulterers. It is relational not religious.

William travels throughout the states and has taken a raw approach to discovering life. He seeks real stories of real people dealing with a real God and then capture those stories as it unfolds through poetry.